Automatic Palletizer Machine

Automated processing equipment

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The Automatic Palletizer Machine is built to perform automatic sealed Drum palletizing onto a standard wooden pallet, followed by pallet wrapping with stretch film.

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Operation process

Step 1: Drum inspection and picking up

Each drum is revolved to determine the drum cap and side label position.

If the drum verification failed (for instance, in case of label missing), the drum shall be palletized onto the drum reject pallet.

Step 2: Picking empty pallet

The robot picks an empty pallet from the automatic pallet dispenser and places it onto the palletizing conveyor.

The empty pallet presence is verified at the palletizing conveyor, before drum palletizing.

Step 3: Drum palletizing

Following label detection, the drum is picked by the robot, and placed onto the pallet according to the palletizing pattern

Step 4: Drums wrapping

The pallet with drums is revolved on the rotary conveyor and wrapped with stretch film. Following the wrapping cycle, the film is cut and the wrapped pallet may be discharged from the rotary conveyor.

Step 5: Pallet discharge

The wrapped drums on the pallet are transferred by the output chain-driven conveyor for further processing.

Video: "Automatic Drum Palletizer Machine - Demo"

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