Bottle Cleaning systems

Bottle cleaning systems

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Bottle Cleaning systems

Our bottle cleaning machines | washing machines use compressed air to clean containers from dust or debris prior to filling. The bottle cleaning machines use nozzles to blow a stream of air into each container. Our bottle cleaning machines can work with a wide range of different container shapes, sizes, and materials, both plastic and glass.

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Soft pad grippers

After the containers are separated according to the number of nozzles, soft pad bottle grippers turn the containers over, so that the openings of the containers are at the bottom, in the direction of the air jet coming from the nozzles.

Air jet nozzles

The air from the air jet nozzles is blown into each of the containers. Following air cleaning, the machine rotates the cleaned containers back onto the machine’s conveyor.


The machine is equipped with several adjustment points to fit different container dimensions.

Safety features

The machine is equipped with Lexan polycarbonate panels and guards, as well as door safety switches.