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Box Formers | box folding machines automatically form, fold and seal corrugated boxes and can handle a wide range of box sizes.

Because of ergonomic design of Box Formers manufactured by DGT Solutions Inc., they can be used for packaging areas with a restricted floor space providing a compact case former / case erector and pack station.

Our Box Formers are built for heavy usage with quick and simple carton size changeover adjustment.

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Operation principles:

Boxes or cases in flat are picked up from the magazine by a vacuum cup system which takes and sets them ready for forming. The box or case is carried along the flap closing unit and is set ready for packing with product and further sealing.



Related products

Depending on your application, there is a list of products you can combine with Box Former to profit from a fully automated packaging line. There are numerous varieties of box forming | case erecting machines in the market.

In order to narrow your search, you need to determine a few things:

  1. Is your package rigid (bottles, cans, glass) or flexible (bags, pouches)?
  2. What kind of product are you looking to package (liquid, food, non-food, etc)?
  3. What do you need the machine to do?

In case of rigid package (bottles, cans, glass, buckets, pails)
a fully automated packaging line can include of but not limited to (one or more items can be included in a single system):

In case of flexible (bags, pouches)
a fully automated packaging line can consist of (or some parts can be part of one single system):

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