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Packaging machines

Packaging machines

A cartoning machine or a cartoner is a packaging machine that picks up cartons from flat cardboard blanks, erects them and fills them with a rigid product, or a bag with the product or the number of products. The loading can be semi-automatic or fully automatic. After loading is completed, the complete cartons are closed and/or sealed.

Our cartoning machines are ideal for packing flow-wraps, pouches, bags, thermoformed trays, and more. The machine can be optimized for tuck-in closing, sealed with hot melt glue, or stapled.

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Our cartoning equipment solutions

Automatic robotic cartoner machine for loading several different products
Automatic robotic cartoner machine for loading several different products

This machine is designed to perform carton pre-forming, loading of several different products (such as a bottle or container and a pamphlet) into pre-formed cartons, followed by carton closing, and printing the product information on the filled carton.

Automatic cartoner machine with robotic loader for flat products, such as sachets, pouches, single-use products
Automatic cartoner machine with robotic loader for multiple identical products

This machine is designed to perform carton preforming, counting and picking of multiple products (such as pouches, sachets, single-use products) by a robot, inserting them into preformed cartons, followed by carton closing.

Semi-automatic cartoning machine for chocolate bars
Semi-automatic cartoning machine with safety seal labeler

This cartoning machine is designed to perform automatic carton pre-forming, manual loading of a product (such as a chocolate bar) into the carton by the operator, followed by automatic carton closing. At the output of the machine, the safety seal application is performed by the labeling machine.

Cartoner for erecting double-wall cartons with automatic bottom stapling
Automatic cartoner for erecting double-wall cartons with automatic bottom stapling

This cartoner is designed for the automatic erecting of double-wall cartons and their automatic bottom stapling. Double-wall cartons are stronger and can carry heavier weight and stapling them even more improves carton stackability and keeps better their shape.

Semi-automatic cartoning machine for cereals with hot glue sealing
Semi-automatic cartoner with hot melt glue sealing

This cartonning machine is designed for erecting of a carton, manual loading of a product (such as a cereal product, contained in an airtight waterproof plastic bag) into the preformed carton, followed by carton sealing with the help of hot melt glue.


Carton erecting and transferring

Cartons are erected with a carton rotary erecting system which uses vacuum suction cups to ensure the proper opening of each carton. The cartons are then fed onto a conveyor belt featuring special compartments for incorporating each erected carton.

The semi-automatic or automatic option

Two systems are available for product handling and packing into the cartons: semi-automatic or fully automatic. In the semi-automatic option, the operator loads the product into the automatically preformed cartons with the automatic closing and sealing of the filled cartons.

Feeding a additional flat product such as pamphlet or brochure

The cartoning machine can also handle a product in the form of several identical flat products, such as single-use items, an instruction card, or a pamphlet that provides useful information to the customers. To count, separate, and feed such flat products, the cartoner can be equipped with a special pamphlet feeder.

High-speed robotic loader

The robot picks, orients and places the product or several products and pamphlets into folded cartons with one side closed.

Optional labeling

The labeling machine can be integrated at the output of the cartoner machine.

Optional printing

Optionally product information (for instance, production date and expiry date) can be printed directly on the cartons using an optional printing system.

Optional safety seal application

Following carton closing, a safety seal is often applied on the carton’s edge. To apply this securing seal, the safety seal labeler can be added to the machine.

Hot melt gluing

The hot melt glue applicator can be used to glue carton flaps in substitution of the traditional tuck-in closure.

Safety features

The cartoning machine is equipped with Lexan safety doors and guards, as well as door safety switches. All electrical hazard points and pinch points are clearly marked.


All adjustment points are equipped with hand wheels, quick-release handles, and ruler tapes for precise adjustment.