Cartoning machine | Cartoning equipment

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Case Packer | fully automated high speed cartoning equipment

A cartoning machine or a cartoner is a packaging machine that cartons from cardboard blanks and fills them with a rigid product or a bag with the product, or the number of products, and after filling, closes the filled cartons.

Our cartoning machines are ideal for packing flow-wraps, pouches, bags, thermoformed trays, blisters jars and more. The filled carton can be sealed with hot glue sealing or by means of a tuck-in closing of flaps.

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Some of the products that can be processed

Mineral water Liquid Filling
Food products
Creams Liquid Filling
Creams and lotions
Mineral water Liquid Filling
Single-use products
Juices Liquid Filling
Juices Liquid Filling
Leaflets, brochures
Juices Liquid Filling
Juices Liquid Filling
Juices Liquid Filling


The common process of operation of Cartoning machine | Cartoning equipment can be described in such a way:

Step 1: Cartons feeding, erecting and folding

The carton blanks are picked up from feed magazine by gripping means and erected with some flaps are folded to close one side or tucked in.

Step 2: Product loading

The erected carton blacks are filled with the product or products from carton opened side.

One of the loading option is robotic loader ensuring gentle package handling combined with fast product loading.

The robotic loader manipulates the product or products, picking them from product accumulation unit, and fills the one or more cartons according to the defined machine’s processing pitch.

Step 3: Filled cartons closing

After filling, the flaps of the carton are closed and/or sealed at the machine closing section.

During machine operation, the integrity of the cartons is checked and defective cartons are removed.