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Our conveyors can be integrated into many systems, including existing production lines. In general terms, conveyors move products, containers, cases, totes or pallets from one location to another on straight or curved paths. Products can range from small, lightweight products to large, heavy parts. Our conveyor systems can be customized to meet your production line dimensions and operating requirements.

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DGT Solutions Inc. manufactures a wide range of conveyors for a variety of conveying solutions:



The choice of the belting material depends on the weight and the material of the container, packaging, or bulk product to be transferred. Another important factor is the production speed required.


The side guide rails of the conveyor can be manually adjusted according to the different sizes of the containers, cases, or packaging if there are several products that will be transferred on the same conveyor.

Different applications

The conveyor systems are designed to move products, packaging, containers, parts, or bulk products to further packaging, filling, labeling, or printing on them.

Chain driven conveyor

Heavy-duty chain driven conveyors can transfer a pallet with large containers like drums or totes.

Compartment conveyor

The conveyor can have special compartments to separate products or piles of products (for instance, plastic bag piles).

Lugged chain-driven conveyor

Cartons are erected with a carton rotary erecting system and then are fed onto a conveyor belt featuring special lugs for incorporating each erected carton.

Inclined conveyors with raised sections for orienting small parts

The inclined conveyors have raised sections spaced uniformly which can be used, for instance, to elevate the caps of the containers to feed them and orient them before performing the capping of the containers.

Inclined conveyors with ribs, scrapers, or flights for bulk products

To transport granular or powder products, the belting in inclined conveying applications can have a pattern texture with ribs (for instance, chevron profile). This increases conveyor’s loading capacity and manages the load even at a very steep inclination.

Sidewall elevators for bulk products

The sidewalls can be added to prevent spillage of the product at steep angles, thereby reducing product waste. The bulk material is efficiently conveyed at steep angles or vertically as it is carried between the sidewalls and special pockets preventing it from falling back.

Gravity roller conveyor

A gravity roller conveyor allows product to move on rollers - evenly spaced rotating cylinders - using the force of gravity to move the load.

Powered roller conveyor

Powered roller conveyors allow for zoned specific conveyors. The motorized zones provide buffering or accumulation of products to be transferred.

Modular plastic belting

Modular plastic belting is a flat-top or open-mesh surface made of interlocking plastic modules for carrying and transferring products. It can have additional features like ribs, side guards, and tabs to hold or separate products. Modular conveyor belts allow for quick installation, cleaning, and repair by an easy replacement of damaged belt sections.

Custom-made conveyor systems

Our custom-made conveyor systems are designed to adapt to requests for length, elevation, environment, and all other constraints which are due to the nature of the products transported and to the hygiene rules. For example, a rotary custom-made conveyor with lockable wheels allows personnel to access the production area when needed.

Anti-static chain conveyor systems

In case when explosion-proof systems are required, special anti-static materials should be used for the conveyor system.


The conveyor systems have built-in on and off switches, emergency stop switches, and clearly marked pinch points.

Our Conveyor Systems Solutions

Conveyor System
Output chain-driven conveyor of palletizer
Conveyor System
Output conveyor with modular plastic belting for box cutting machine
Conveyor System
Belt conveyor
Conveyor System
Chain conveyor
Conveyor System
Inclined conveyor
Conveyor System
Infeed roller conveyor for palletizing boxes
Conveyor System
Conveying product flow dividing System
Conveyor System
Conveying bulk feeding System
Conveyor-mounted Auto-Lift Heat Tunnel
Conveyor-mounted auto-lift heat tunnel
Conveyor-mounted Auto-Lift Heat Tunnel
Side belt conveyor of box sealing machine with hot glue sealing