Automatic cartoner machine with robotic loader

Automatic cartoner machine with robotic loader for multiple identical products

Packaging machines

This machine is designed to perform carton preforming, counting and picking of multiple identical products (such as pouches, sachets, single-use products) by a robot, inserting them into preformed cartons, followed by carton closing.

Automatic cartoner machine with robotic loader
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Operation steps

Step 1: Feeding, erecting and folding of cartons

The carton blanks are picked up from the carton magazine by vacuum cup gripping means. Then the cartons are erected and folded and closed from one side with flaps tuck-in.

Step 2: Product feeding

The flat products in the form of several flat single-use items are loaded manually into the pamphlet feeder magazine. The pamphlet feeder then counts them to the predetermined number and guides them toward the robot.

Step 3: Product loading

The robot picks up one or several packs of the products and loads them into one or several cartons simultaneously.

Step 4: Filled cartons closing

After filling, the flaps of the carton are closed and/or sealed at the machine closing section. During machine operation, the integrity of the cartons is checked and defective cartons are removed.


Carton erecting and transferring

Cartons are erected with a carton rotary erecting system which uses vacuum suction cups to ensure the proper opening of each carton. The cartons are then fed onto a conveyor belt featuring special compartments for incorporating each erected carton.

Optional printing

Optional product information (for instance, production date and expiry date) can be printed directly on the cartons using an integrated printing system.

Optional safety seal application

Following carton closing, a safety seal is often applied on the carton's edge. To apply this securing seal, the safety seal labeler can be added to the machine.

Optional hot melt gluing

The hot melt glue applicator can be used to glue carton flaps in substitution of the traditional tuck-in closure.

Safety features

The cartoning machine is equipped with Lexan safety doors and guards, as well as door safety switches. All electrical hazard points and pinch points are clearly marked.


All adjustment points are equipped with hand wheels, quick-release handles, and ruler tapes for precise adjustment.