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Automatic Gear Pump Liquid Filler (Filling Machine)

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Automatic gear pump liquid filler suits a wide variety of products, ranging from light liquids through to heavy creams and gels, low viscosity liquids, such as lotion, syrup, cleanser, etc. No adjustment is required as changing products and discharge vast volumes to achieve high productivity with excellent accuracy.

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Some of the products that can be processed
Mineral water
Dairy products
Creams and other cosmetic products
Edible Oils
Wine and spirits
Lubricating Oils
Hazardous and corrosive liquids
Sanitizers and pharmaceutical solutions


Filling station

The containers are clamped one by one under the individual filling nozzles.


Filling nozzles level, their coaxial alignment with the containers to be filled, the width of clamping means and conveyor guides can be adjusted according to the sizes of the container.

The drip guard

The machine is equipped with drip guard to ensure cleanliness of the final product and conveyor surface .

Gear-type pumps

The liquid flow is organized from the liquid tank with the gear-type pumps.

HMI touch screen

Using a user-friendly HMI screen, choosing predefined products or setting parameters for filling processes can be easily done.