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DGT Solutions can offer you correct custom labeling solution made to fit your in-line production demands. Our labeling systems will automatically label your products and packagings of all kinds: all shapes, sizes and surfaces. Our labeling machines may be simply integrated into existing production lines or operated as stand-alone, manually loaded solutions.

The vast range of labeling equipment manufactured by DGT Solutions Inc. is compatible with multiple types of applications and products.

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Types of Labeling

Types of Labeling Machines

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Depending on your application, there is a list of products you can combine with Labeling machine | Labeler to profit from a fully automated packaging line. There are numerous varieties of packaging machines in the market.

In order to narrow your search, you need to determine a few things:

  1. Is your package rigid (bottles, cans, glass) or flexible (bags, pouches)?
  2. What kind of product are you looking to package (liquid, food, non-food, etc)?
  3. What do you need the machine to do?

In case of rigid package (bottles, cans, glass, buckets, pails)
a fully automated packaging line can include of but not limited to (one or more items can be included in a single system):

In case of flexible (bags, pouches)
a fully automated packaging line can consist of (or some parts can be part of one single system):

Our Labeling Machines Solutions

Labeling Machine
Side Labeling Machine
Labeling Machine
Top Labeling Machine
Labeling Machine
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Labeling Machine
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