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Our labeling equipment performs the application of self-adhesive labels onto cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, buckets, pails and other types of containers of all shapes, sizes, bags labeling is also available. These labeling machines may be simply integrated into existing production lines or operated as a stand-alone solution.

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Types of Labeling

Types of Labeling Machines


Different products and shapes

Labeling glass and plastic bottles, containers, cans, cardboard boxes, cases, plastic bags.

Front and back labeling

Simultaneous front and back labeling application available upon request. This type of labeling machine enables label application on the front and back sides of packaging to show as much information and branding on the product as possible.

Conveying and supporting belts

The material of the belts used on the labeling machine depends on the material of the container or packaging to be labeled and the production speed required.

Product changeover

The labeling machine units can be adjusted according to the container sizes. The adjustments can be manual and/or pre-programmed and chosen from the options on HMI menu.

Top and bottom labeling

Simultaneous top and bottom labeling combines two synchronized labeling heads. In this case, the labeling machine applies labels on both sides of flat product such as plastic packaging, packaging trays, pouch, or carton.

Custom labeling

In the case of large cylindrical or conical containers (for instance pails), the vacuum belt wrap system helps to apply the label accurately on the bigger surface of the container.

Safety seal labeling

In the case of cartons, the safety seal labeler is usually needed to apply a safety seal on the carton’s edge. Safety seals provide secure tamper protection and can display additional product information.

Sanitary frame

For food-grade, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications, the stainless steel frame and parts from food-grade materials fully meeting the requirements of the food industry are available.

Our Labeling Machines Solutions

Labeling Machine
Automatic system for front and back label application on containers
Conveyor System
Box Feed Machine with labeling module
Labeling Machine
Wrap-around labeling machine
Labeling Machine
Top and Bottom Labeling Machine

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Depending on your application, there is a list of products you can combine with Labeling machine | Labeler to profit from a fully automated packaging line. There are numerous varieties of packaging machines in the market.

In order to narrow your search, you need to determine a few things:

  1. Is your package rigid (bottles, cans, glass) or flexible (bags, pouches)?
  2. What kind of product are you looking to package (liquid, food, non-food, etc)?
  3. What do you need the machine to do?

In case of rigid package (bottles, cans, glass, buckets, pails)
a fully automated packaging line can include of but not limited to (one or more items can be included in a single system):

In case of flexible (bags, pouches)
a fully automated packaging line can consist of (or some parts can be part of one single system):