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Automatic Liquid Filling and Capping Machines

Automatic liquid filling and capping machine is used to fill liquids in the glass, plastic containers, cans, etc. and designed to include separate filling and capping stations integrated into single machine.

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Operation principles:

The empty containers are transferred on the in-feed conveyor to the filling station in a single line. The predetermined number of containers are separated by pneumatic gates. Each container is filled by an individual liquid filling nozzle.

After filling of the containers, the filled containers are transferred to the capping station(s).

Container caps are then applied and re-torqued on the capping station(s). Then the filled and closed containers are moved to the output conveyor for further processing.


Filling station

At the inline filling station, containers are clamped one by one under the individual filling nozzles.

The drip guard

Anti-dripping design to ensure the clean conveyor surface and perfect finished product.

Cap feeding

The feeding of container caps can be organized with a vibratory feeder, centrifugal feeder, step feeder, or unscrambler. Then the caps are transferred to the capping application station.

Cap applying and re-torque

The filled containers are indexed by the starwheel towards the capping station where the cap is applied to a container and re-torqued to tighten. The capping can be organized in several stations. The container caps are then applied on the pre-tightening station and re-torqued on the final re-torquing station.

Capping of irregular containers

For irregular containers, special handling pucks can be made to hold it in place when performing processing operations.

Interchangeable star wheels and guides

For rotary filling or capping station, the starwheels and guides are interchangeable for containers of various shapes and sizes. With the minimum change-over, they enable a precise transport and guidance of containers to perform filling and capping.

HMI touch screen

Using user-friendly HMI screen, choosing predefined products or setting parameters for filling and capping processes can be easily done.