Automatic liquid filling and capping machine for sanitizers and disinfectants

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Filling-Capping monobloc machine for liquid filling and capping of variety of liquid products, including among others essential oils, sanitizers, and disinfectants. In order to choose the most effective and reliable filling machine for your application, several factors must be taken into consideration, as the viscosity of the product, container shape, material, and closure type.

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Install a complete sanitizer filling system

If you would like to have a complete sanitizer production line, we can provide several other additional machines along with liquid fillers.

The capping machines following the liquid filling process, are used to apply caps or other types of closures to close the filled containers of nearly any size and shape. After capping, our labeling machines can be used to attach labels that include logo and product information.

After labeling, the product can be packed into the cartons with the help of automatic cartoner machine with robotic loader.

Conveyor System
Feeding turntable for containers accumulation and feeding
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Push Through Capper
Conveying system for supplying containers
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Push Through Capper
Automatic filling and capping machine
Labeling Machine
Labeling Machine
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Automatic Palletizer Machine
Automatic Cartoner Machine with Robotic loader
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A fully automated production line of sanitizers and disinfectants can include*:
* - but not limited to (one or more items can be included in a single system)