Pail destacker

Pail / bucket destacker

Processing equipment

Pail destackers

Pail destacker automatically destacks pails from the pail stack for their further processing. The pail destacker can be designed to accommodate multiple pail sizes and forms if required.

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Operation steps

Step 1: Pail stack infeed

A stack of buckets/pails with handles turned outward is manually placed on the infeed roller conveyor. The pail stack is transferred by the conveyor until the stack reaches destacking station. The infeed is provided by light curtains protecting personnel from accidental injury when operating in close proximity to destacking means.

Step 2: Pail destacking

The lowest pail is fixed in place with the help of pail fixing means and all other pails are raised. For different products varying in size or shape, the fixing and raising means comprise respective interchangeable parts corresponding to another product.

Étape 3: Sortie du seau

The pail fixing means releases the lowest pail and it is transferred with the roller conveyor for further processing like the pail filling with digital scale system. The other pails are lowered and the destacking process is repeated.