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The automatic palletizing machine is built to perform automatic handling and stacking of boxes, drums, barrels, pails, jug-in-box, large volume containers, totes, bags or other flexible packaging, onto a pallet, followed by pallet wrapping with stretch film by the pallet wrapping system.

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Our palletizing solutions

Automatic Palletizer Machine | box palletizer machine | case palletizer machine | box palletizing machine
Automatic box palletizing machine

The case palletizer or box palletizer machine automates the precise arrangement of sealed boxes onto a pallet in accordance with a predetermined pattern and specified number of layers, ensuring efficient and consistent palletization.

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Automatic Palletizer Machine
Automatic bottle palletizing machine

The automated palletizer seamlessly handles the palletizing of gallon-style bottles enclosed in corrugated boxes, expertly stacking them onto a pallet before proceeding to the wrapping of the pallet with stretch film for secure and efficient packaging.

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industrial palletizing robot | automated mixed case palletizing
Automatic dual robot palletizing machine

The automatic dual palletizer automates the palletizing of sealed boxes onto pallets using two separate robots dedicated to the different product lines. Additionally, these robots can be programmed for automated mixed case palletizing, efficiently handling the arrangement of a diverse range of product types on pallets with precision and speed.

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Automatic Palletizer Machine
Automatic drum palletizing machine

Automatic palletizing of large volume containers, for instance drums, barrels or totes, onto a pallet.

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Pallet handling systems
Pallet handling systems

Pallet handling systems include pallet dispensing, pallet conveying, and pallet orientation systems. Pallet dispensing units available as mezzanine mount, pallet conveyor mount or floor mount arrangements.

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Robotic depalletizer
Robotic depalletizer

The robotic depalletizer machine is built to perform automatic depalletizing of a wooden pallet that carries multiple layers of containers or boxes.

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Robot Grippers for Palletizer Machines

industrial palletizing robot | robot vacuum gripper
industrial palletizing robot | robot vacuum gripper
industrial palletizing robot | automated mixed case palletizing
industrial palletizing robot | automated mixed case palletizing
industrial palletizing robot | Fork Grippers
industrial palletizing robot | Vacuum Grippers

Robot grippers play a crucial role in the efficiency and versatility of palletizer machines, offering various options to cater to different materials, shapes, and sizes. Here's an overview of different robot grippers commonly used in palletizing applications:

  1. Vacuum Grippers:
    • Utilize suction cups driven by compressed air to grip and lift objects.
    • Pick up flat, smooth-surfaced items like boxes, cartons, containers, packages, and cases.
    • Gently handle a variety of materials, and effective for high-speed operations.
  2. Mechanical Grippers:
    • Employ mechanical jaws or fingers to grasp and lift objects.
    • Handle objects with defined shapes and sizes, such as bottles or containers.
    • Provide robust and precise gripping, suitable for heavier loads, and adaptable to various shapes.
  3. Fork Grippers:
    • Feature prongs to slide under a product and lift it.
    • Handle bags, pouches, or products with irregular shapes.
    • Effective for items with no easily grippable surfaces, versatile for different product types.
  4. Custom-Designed Grippers:
    • Designed to specific shapes or requirements of products.
    • Ideal for irregularly shaped objects or products with unique handling needs.
    • Precision-engineered for specific applications, ensuring a secure grip on specialized items.
  5. Vacuum and Mechanical Hybrid Grippers:
    • Combine vacuum and mechanical elements for a broader range of products, providing adaptability and enhanced versatility.
    • The combination of vacuum and mechanical elements allows for improved gripping across various shapes and sizes.
  6. Magnetic Grippers:
    • Use magnets to grasp and lift ferrous materials.
    • Handling metal products or containers.
    • Efficient for materials that are magnetically receptive, providing a secure grip.
  7. Soft Grippers:
    • Made of compliant materials to gently envelop and lift items.
    • Ideal for Fragile or delicate items.
    • Minimize the risk of product damage, suitable for items that may deform under pressure.

In palletizing applications, choosing the right gripper depends on the nature of the products being handled. The versatility of these grippers allows palletizer machines to adapt to a wide range of industries, from food and beverage to manufacturing and logistics.


Automatic palletizing
Pallet magazine

The automatic palletizing machine is equipped with an pallet magazine with an optional automatic pallet distribution system.

Pallet wrapping systems
Boxes or drums wrapping

The pallet with boxes or drums is revolved on the rotary conveyor turn-table and wrapped with stretch film.

Automatic palletizing
Pallets loading options

The empty pallets can be loaded into the pallet magazine manually or with the forklift.

Automatic palletizing
Versatility of products

Palletizing of rigid cases, cartons, barrels, bulky products, bundled products, bags, and mixed-sized packaging.

Automatic palletizing
Frame materials

Machine frame is heavy-duty structural steel. This solid and sturdy construction in painted steel provides smooth, vibration-free operation.

Automatic palletizing
Robot mounting

The heavy-duty load dispersing frames for robot mounting are made in-house. These frames are designed according to application, allowing integration in various manufacturing plants, without any modifications to the existing concrete surface.

Automatic palletizing
Product changeover

Automatic product changeover using a user-friendly HMI interface.

Automatic palletizing
Pre-programmed pattern

Stacking of products according to the predetermined palletization pattern.

Automatic palletizing
Machine security

Use of machine guards and security door locks to ensure the safety of personnel.

Automatic palletizing
Light curtains

Protection with light curtains of infeed/outfeed and other hazard areas.

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Robotic Palletizer Manufacturer Canada | Automated Palletising Robot

Our industrial palletizing robots are engineered for precision in handling and stacking various packaging formats, including boxes, drums, barrels, pails, jug-in-box, large volume containers, totes, and bags onto pallets. As a leading robotic palletizer manufacturer in Canada, we specialize in providing automated palletizing equipment that ensures efficient and consistent palletization.

Our robotic case packer and palletizer solutions are designed to automate the precise arrangement of sealed boxes onto pallets according to predetermined patterns and specified layer counts. Our high-speed palletizer offers rapid and reliable palletizing for diverse product lines, enhancing efficiency in your packaging processes.

Automatic Bag Palletizer Machine | Automatic Box Palletizer

Discover the versatility of our automatic bag palletizer machine, capable of efficiently palletizing various packaging types, including bags, boxes, and more. The automatic box palletizer seamlessly integrates into your production line, automating the stacking of rigid cases, cartons, barrels, bulky products, bundled products, and mixed-sized packaging.

Automatic Robot Palletizing System | Pallet Handling Systems

Our automatic robot palletizing system ensures precise stacking of products according to predetermined palletization patterns. The pallet handling systems, including dispensing, conveying, and orientation units, contribute to a seamless and streamlined packaging process. Choose from mezzanine mount, pallet conveyor mount, or floor mount arrangements to suit your facility's needs.

Features of Our Automated Palletizing Equipment:

- Heavy-duty structural steel frame for smooth and vibration-free operation.
- Load-dispersing frames for robot mounting designed in-house for seamless integration.
- User-friendly HMI interface for automatic product changeover.
- Safety measures include machine guards, security door locks, and light curtains in critical areas.

Enhance your packaging efficiency with our comprehensive range of automatic palletizing solutions, backed by cutting-edge technology and expert engineering.