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Integrating a robotic machine | robot system into an existing production line or installing independent new robotic equipment allows great flexibility of the system, decreased cycle time and reduced maintenance. Robotic units allow for quick and easy product change-overs, with or without tooling dedicated to a specific product. DGT Solutions Inc. has developed and manufactured various robotic machines to perform case packing, carton loading, palletizing, container capping and more.

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Operation principles:

One of the good examples of robotic applications operation is Automatic Cartoner Machine with Robotic Loader.

The High Speed Automatic Cartoner Machine with Robotic Loader is designed to perform inserting of product into pre-assembled cartons and closing of them. The High Speed Automatic Cartoner Machine with Robotic Loader is equipped with carton magazine, carton erecting section, product magazine, carton closing section and output conveyor. In carton erecting section, a single piece from stack of folded cartons fed from carton magazine is picked up and erected with rotary erecting unit. Then from the opened end of carton, it is filled with product fed by product magazine. In the product magazine, the product is separated into groups of a predetermined number counted with the help of sensors. Robot picks up the separated product pieces from the product magazine and inserts it into carton. Following the product filling, the filled carton is transferred and guided to be closed and oriented to enable barcode printing on it. After printing, the carton is transferred to output conveyor.


 Case packing
 Carton loading
 Product gripping and orienting
 Pick and place Robotic Application
 Container capping


Ease of changeover and control
Maximum reliability and repeatability
Integration into existing production line
Grippers adapted to match the product geometry

Related products

Depending on your application, there is a list of products you can combine with Robotic Application | Robot system to profit from a fully automated packaging line. There are numerous varieties of packaging machines in the market.

In order to narrow your search, you need to determine a few things:

  1. Is your package rigid (bottles, cans, glass) or flexible (bags, pouches)?
  2. What kind of product are you looking to package (liquid, food, non-food, etc)?
  3. What do you need the machine to do?

For rigid package (bottles, cans, glass, buckets, pails)
a fully automated packaging line can include of but not limited to (one or more items can be included in a single system):

For flexible (bags, pouches)
a fully automated packaging line can consist of (or some parts can be part of one single system):