Gripping systems

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Gripping systems

From standard to custom-designed grippers — use our expert knowledge in selecting and designing successful product handling solutions. Our gripping systems are designed to handle any type of product in the most efficient way. For the bulky and rigid product or a small and fragile product, we can design the gripping system to meet your requirements.

Gripper types

Vacuum grippers

Vacuum grippers use suction cups are driven by compressed air that runs through a vacuum generator. They are used in many applications including picking, opening, palletizing of flexible packages, irregularly shaped objects, boxes, cans.

Mechanical grippers

Mechanical Grippers grip the bottles from under the caps. Thus the bottles can be lifted and handled speedily and safely.

Fork grippers

The fork gripper has prongs to slide under a product and uses it as a support for carrying. This type of gripper is perfect for handling bagged products.

Custom-designed grippers

The customized gripping solutions can be engineered for any irregularly shaped objects, large products. Whether the custom gripping tool is based on mechanical clamping or vacuum cups, the design will be robust and reliable.