Rotary Liquid Filling Machines

Rotary Liquid Filling Machines

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Rotary Liquid Filling Machines

Rotary liquid filling machines can handle large-scale and high-speed filling production. In this type of machine, the containers are moved around circular stations, where specific functions such as filling, capping (cap placement and cap re-torque), sealing, sleeving, etc. are performed. Compact, fast, flexible, and reliable, our rotary liquid fillers are automatic machines that can adapt to a wide range of containers and products of most viscosities at high production speeds.

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Operation principles:

This machine feeds the bottles in a starwheel, a solid plastic wheel with pockets machined at given intervals to hold the specific container. The container is then filled during the rotational movement of the starwheel on filling station(s).

Container caps are then applied on the pre-tightening station and re-torqued on the final re-torquing station. Then the filled and closed containers are moved to the output conveyor for further processing.


Changeable starwheels and guides

The starwheels and guides are exchangeable for containers of various shapes and sizes. With the minimum change-over, they enable a precise transport and guidance of containers to perform filling and capping.

Filling station(s)

The filling can be a single station on starwheel or, for instance, two sections with initial filling and re-filling, or even several filling stations. The multi-head rotary filling is available upon request.

Cap feeding

The feeding of container caps can be organized with a vibratory feeder, centrifugal feeder, step feeder, or unscrambler. Then the caps are transferred to the capping application station.

Cap applying and re-torque

A cap is applied to a container on the pre-tightening station. The containers with pre-applied caps are indexed further by the starwheel towards the cap re-torque station where they are tightened.

Rotary monobloc machines

The filling and capping can be done either with separate starwheels or with the same starwheel for both filling and capping processes. Such a type of rotary machine with integrated filling and capping is called a monobloc rotary machine.

Multi-head rotary fillers

Multi-head rotary fillers features are essential where higher levels of throughput and speeds are required. They can feature adjustable container neck clamps or additional container body clamps.