Semi-automatic cartoning machine for cereals with hot glue sealing

Semi-automatic cartoning machine with hot glue sealing

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This cartonning machine is designed to perform carton erecting, manual loading of a product (such as a cereal product, contained in an airtight waterproof plastic bag) into the preformed carton, followed by carton sealing with the help of hot melt glue.

Automatic robotic cartoner machine for loading several different products
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Operation steps

Step 1: Feeding, erecting and folding of cartons

The carton blanks are picked up from feed magazine by rotary gripping means and put onto a lug-type conveyor where it is erected to be loaded. The rear side is held closed so that the product will not fall from this side.

Step 2: Product loading

The pre-opened erected cartons are transferred to the loading station where operators fill them with the cereal product (contained in an airtight waterproof plastic bag). The product infeed is performed by modular plastic belt conveyor.

Step 3: Cartons closing and sealing with hot melt glue

After filling, the front and rear flaps of the carton are gradually closed during carton advancing on the conveyor. During this process, the hot melt glue is applied to the inner flaps of cartons, and both outer and inner flaps are pressed together to create a sealed closure.