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Viscous product filling machine

Viscous products such as honey, syrup (for example, maple syrup or pharmaceutical syrup), butter, or caramel sauce can be filled by using heat treatment of the product to decrease its viscosity and facilitate the process of filling. Therefore, such a product cannot be filled with the conventional filler and a special type of viscous product filling machine must be used.

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Operation principles:

The viscous filler is usually equipped with a bottle cleaning machine where containers are cleaned or rinsed with water or air to make sure that containers are free of dust and other possible contaminants. Then the containers are indexed in a starwheel to the filling station.

Prior to filling, the viscous product is heated in the feed hopper eqipped with special heating means. The product is heated to the specified temperature in order to decrease its viscosity so it flows as easily as thinner, or lower viscosity, products.

After product heating, it is filled into the containers rotated by the starwheel. The filled containers are moved to the capping station where automatic or manual capping is performed.

Main components

Bottle cleaning machine

Bottle cleaning/washing machine ensures that the bottles are free of contamination before filling the viscous product. Bottle cleaning machine may use air or water to clean and rinse the containers before filling.

Heated feed hopper with mixer

Viscous products are usually heated to decrease their viscosity and facilitate the filling process. The product is continuously or intermittently stirred with a mixer built into the hopper to evenly heat the product.

Viscous product filling

At the filling station, the containers are indexed with the starwheel and the filling of containers is carried out with constant precision and accuracy.

Viscous product capping

The capping process can be either automatic or manual. After the capping station, there may be an additional station to check the weight of the filled container.