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Feeding Systems

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Feeding Systems

DGT Solutions develops and produces feeding systems for a wide range of processes: feeding, delivering, guiding, arranging, positioning, separating, lifting, sorting to enable their subsequent handling and packing. Feeding systems receive the products in bulk, place them in the required position and supply them to the following stage of the production process at the speed and necessary rate for optimal functioning of the process.

It is possible to integrate measuring, weighing and test equipment as the component of the feeding system.

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Types of feeding systems

Bowl feeders

Bowl feeders are used when small products in bulk must be oriented one by one in a particular direction for further processing or handling. Bowl feeders orientate and feed your products carefully, at the same time guaranteeing a consistent and accurate flow of products for further processing or handling.

Step feeders - Modular elevators

Step Feeders are perfect for gentle feeding of products for further processing or handling.

Because there is no vibration, there is little to no wear on parts fed through a step feeder. This makes the Step Feeder ideal for feeding fragile parts. Ideal for cylindrical, spherical and simple geometry products.

Centrifugal feeders

Silent and vibration free, our centrifugal feeders are particularly designed to guide and orient fragile and small products in plastic, rubber or metal. This type of feeder has a high performance at very low noise levels, improving the work environment for the operator.

Feed hoppers

Each feeder receives product from a bulk feed hopper or pre-feeder. The hoppers can be mounted above the vibratory bowl or the stepper feeder. This addition of the hopper will extend the filling intervals for products passing through the feeder.

Linear feeders

Linear feeders convey products over short or relatively long distances, thereby creating buffer storage. Linear feeders function as the interface between the sorting devices and the downstream supply units.


The separators/filters allow the separation of the material to be conveyed according to size for the coarse separation of difficult-to-screen materials


Our Feeding Systems Solutions

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